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Each year Record Store Day is getting bigger and better and we at Reflex are proud to be participating and stocking the vast majority of releases. Please email us at for your areas of Interest as, while we cannot reserve or pre sell titles we can at least let you know if we can stock if not already on our list.

Since last year we again have been further investing in stocking back cat and classic Vinyl titles and have now given over a dedicated area to house a range of over 1000 classic titles such as Ed Sheeran, Oasis, Bowie, Floyd, Kraftwerk, Hendrix, The Jam, The Smiths etc etc. Most are first pressing new releases and some are very limited indeed. 

We also carry a huge range of over 4000 quality back cat CD titles and are rare edition specialists with special, limited and  rare limited editions coming out of our ears :)

All in all a good honest traditional Record Shop busy ensuring you have the titles that you want on Record Store Day as we do every day.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Now here's some PR bullet points kindly supplied by Tom at the ERA

  • Record Store Day started in 2007 in the United States
  • In it's first year in the UK, just a handful of stores participated with a few limited products
  • Now in 2017 Record Store Day's sucsess can be calculated in the sheer number of stores, exclusives and customers!
  • This year over 200 stores are participating across UK and Ireland
  • Vinyl sales have been growing for the past 5 years and in 2012 increased 15.3% over 2011’s sales on the back of 44% increase the previous year
  • Record Store Day sales grew over 50% last year and expected to grow further this year 
General messages
  • 100's of new products
  • RSD is a celebration of record shops in all their diversity
  • One big national "event" made up of hundreds of individual events
  • Events across the country from in store performances and signings to cake sales, raffles etc
  • Each event / shop individual in nature and style (no centralised culture)
  • It’s about celebrating shops not just the exclusive product that's for sale
  • Hopefully customers will love the "experience" - that's what RSD is about
  • Visit website –
  • Something for everyone
  • We think that Customers love exclusive nature of product but also being part of the event

"The original idea for Record Store day was conceived and founded in the USA back in 2007 as a celebration of the unique culture surrounding independently owned record stores in not only the USA but internationally. The UK soon followed suit in 2008 and has been growing gradually ever since. From a handful of stores in the first year, Record Store Day UK now plays host to over 200 stores.

On April 21st 2018, all of the independently owned record stores join forces with artists to celebrate the art of music. These artists make special appearances and performances across the globe alongside an extensive list of hundreds of exclusive products available for the day.

At Reflex records we have been participating in Record Store Day UK for the last five years. 
"We at Reflex strongly believe that Record Store Day is a hugely important tool to convey to all generations, but especially the young, there are other possibly more interesting formats to collect your music on other than faceless, poor quality MP3 files and that supporting your local Record Store is important if you want real music to, not only prevail, but to grow and innovate.
We believe that the music industry as a whole needs to educate people that MP3 files , although hugely convenient, are indeed the modern equivalent to the cassette tape as they sacrifice sound quality for convenient file size and RSD helps to demonstrate this. Compare an MP3 simultaneously to a CD or Vinyl recording and I defy anyone to say the MP3 file is even close to the sound quality of its contemporaries, losing bass and high end definition. Record store day is all about real music of all genres on Vinyl (and some CD's) on one day only limited and very collectable editions. Since the advent of Record Store Day Vinyl Record sales have increased by circa 50%”

In addition to the above we already have in stock over 300 new classic vinyl titles and hundreds of 2nd hand gems
more information, visit the official Record Store Day website on "




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